• Fix -Wformat-security warning with R-devel


  • Install Rcpp from GitHub for CI/CD.
  • Fix compatibility with dplyr installed and built against an older version of bindrcpp.
  • Support callbacks that accept a list. The new xxx_env_yyy_wrapped() functions expect a list as payload, and a callback function with List instead of PAYLOAD as second argument. This helps controlling the lifetime of objects associated with a callback: these can be placed in an XPtr inside the List. The xxx_env_yyy() functions have been aliased to xxx_env_yyy_typed() (#7).
  • Bump dependency to bindr 0.1.1.
  • Fixed very rare segmentation fault due to missing protection of function arguments in autogenerated boilerplate code.
  • Fix compilation errors on FreeBSD due to use of nonstandard Make features (#5).
  • Native symbol registration added by Rcpp.

Initial CRAN release.

Exported C++ functions

  • create_env_string() creates an environment with active bindings, with names given as a character vector. Access of these bindings triggers a call to a C++ function with a fixed signature (GETTER_FUNC_STRING); this call contains the name of the binding (as character) and an arbitrary payload (PAYLOAD, essentially a wrapped void*).
  • create_env_symbol() is similar, the callback function accepts the name of the binding as symbol instead of character (GETTER_FUNC_SYMBOL).
  • populate_env_string() and populate_env_symbol() populate an existing environment instead of creating a new one.
  • Use LinkingTo: bindrcpp and #include <bindrcpp.h> to access these functions from your package.

Exported R functions