dm_paste() takes an existing dm and emits the code necessary for its creation.

dm_paste(dm, select = NULL, ..., tab_width = 2, options = NULL, path = NULL)



A dm object.


Deprecated, see "select" in the options argument.


Must be empty.


Indentation width for code from the second line onwards


Formatting options. A character vector containing some of:

  • "tables": tibble() calls for empty table definitions derived from dm_ptype(), overrides "select".

  • "select": dm_select() statements for columns that are part of the dm.

  • "keys": dm_add_pk() and dm_add_fk() statements for adding keys.

  • "color": dm_set_colors() statements to set color.

  • "all": All options above except "select"

Default NULL is equivalent to c("keys", "color")


Output file, if NULL the code is printed to the console.


Code for producing the prototype of the given dm.


The code emitted by the function reproduces the structure of the dm object. The options argument controls the level of detail: keys, colors, table definitions. Data in the tables is never included, see dm_ptype() for the underlying logic.


dm() %>% dm_paste()
#> dm::dm()
dm_nycflights13() %>% dm_paste()
#> dm::dm(airlines, airports, flights, planes, weather) %>% #> dm::dm_add_pk(airlines, carrier) %>% #> dm::dm_add_pk(airports, faa) %>% #> dm::dm_add_pk(planes, tailnum) %>% #> dm::dm_add_fk(flights, carrier, airlines) %>% #> dm::dm_add_fk(flights, origin, airports) %>% #> dm::dm_add_fk(flights, tailnum, planes) %>% #> dm::dm_set_colors(`#ED7D31FF` = airlines) %>% #> dm::dm_set_colors(`#ED7D31FF` = airports) %>% #> dm::dm_set_colors(`#5B9BD5FF` = flights) %>% #> dm::dm_set_colors(`#ED7D31FF` = planes) %>% #> dm::dm_set_colors(`#70AD47FF` = weather)
dm_nycflights13() %>% dm_paste(options = "select")
#> dm::dm(airlines, airports, flights, planes, weather) %>% #> dm::dm_select(airlines, carrier, name) %>% #> dm::dm_select(airports, faa, name, lat, lon, alt, tz, dst, tzone) %>% #> dm::dm_select(flights, year, month, day, dep_time, sched_dep_time, dep_delay, arr_time, sched_arr_time, arr_delay, carrier, flight, tailnum, origin, dest, air_time, distance, hour, minute, time_hour) %>% #> dm::dm_select(planes, tailnum, year, type, manufacturer, model, engines, seats, speed, engine) %>% #> dm::dm_select(weather, origin, year, month, day, hour, temp, dewp, humid, wind_dir, wind_speed, wind_gust, precip, pressure, visib, time_hour)