Experimental lifecycle

dm_financial() creates an example dm object from the tables at https://relational.fit.cvut.cz/dataset/Financial. The connection is established once per session, subsequent calls return the same connection.

dm_financial_sqlite() copies the data to a temporary SQLite database. The data is downloaded once per session, subsequent calls return the same database. The trans table is excluded due to its size.




A dm object.


dm_financial() %>% dm_draw()
%0 accounts accounts id district_id districts districts id accounts:district_id->districts:id cards cards id disp_id disps disps id client_id account_id cards:disp_id->disps:id clients clients id disps:account_id->accounts:id disps:client_id->clients:id loans loans id account_id loans:account_id->accounts:id orders orders id account_id orders:account_id->accounts:id tkeys tkeys trans trans id account_id trans:account_id->accounts:id