nycflights13 data — cdm_nycflights13" />

Creates an exemplary dm object from the tables in nycflights13 along with the references. See nycflights13::flights for a description of the data. As described in nycflights13::planes, the relationship between the flights and planes tables is "weak", it does not satisfy data integrity constraints.

cdm_nycflights13(cycle = FALSE, color = TRUE)



Boolean. If FALSE (default), only one foreign key relation (from flights$origin to airports$faa) between flights and airports is established. If TRUE, a dm object with a double reference between those tables will be produced.


Boolean, if TRUE (default), the resulting dm object will have colors assigned to different tables for visualization with cdm_draw()


if (rlang::is_installed("nycflights13")) { cdm_nycflights13() %>% cdm_draw() }