A root is defined as a directory that contains a regular file whose name matches a given pattern and which optionally contains a given text. The search for a root starts at a given directory (the working directory by default), and proceeds up the directory hierarchy. get_root_desc() returns the description of the criterion for a root path. This is especially useful for composite root criteria created with |.root_criterion().

find_root(criterion, path = ".")

get_root_desc(criterion, path)



A criterion, will be coerced using as.root_criterion()


The start directory


The normalized path of the root as specified by the search criterion. Throws an error if no root is found


Starting from the working directory, the find_root() function searches for the root. If a root is found, the ... arguments are used to construct a path; thus, if no extra arguments are given, the root is returned. If no root is found, an error is thrown.

See also

utils::glob2rx() file.path()


find_root(glob2rx("DESCRIPTION"), "^Package: ")
# }# NOT RUN {
# }