I decided to adapt to the Swiss German keyboard layout, partly because my new notebook has one and the replacement (German-German) layout is expensive, partly because I have been told that the brackets and braces are at a very convenient location (Alt Gr+keys close to the Return key vs. Alt Gr+digits on the German keyboard).

The ß letter, not commonly used in Switzerland, is not available on this keyboard layout. In Ubuntu, it can be accessed simply by Alt Gr + s. However, in Windows, the ß letter cannot be easily accessed -- various forums suggest typing Alt + 0223. That's too much for one single letter.

The solution: Create a custom keyboard driver! What seems to be a difficult task is in fact a very simple one thanks to Microsoft's Keyboard Layout Creator. Download, install, open the default Swiss German layout, edit the Alt Gr layer to produce an ß when hitting s, verify, choose a name for the new layout, build, done. The result is an .msi file for every architecture (AMD64, x86) that can be installed in order to make the layout available on the target system.

Screenshot of enhanced keyboard layout in the Keyboard Layout Creator

For myself, I have copied most of Ubuntu's Alt Gr layer. However, I am reluctant to posting my own keyboard drivers because I am not at all sure about copyright restrictions of the original keyboard layout which has been used to create the customized one.

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