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MultiLevelIPF wercker status

Implementation of algorithms that extend IPF to nested structures.

The IPF algorithm operates on count data. This package offers implementations for several algorithms that extend this to nested structures: “parent” and “child” items for both of which constraints can be provided.

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Help topics

  • compute_margins(margin_to_df)
    Compute margins for a weighting of a multi-level fitting problem
  • fitting_problem(format.fitting_problem, is.fitting_problem, print.fitting_problem, special_field_names)
    Create an instance of a fitting problem
  • flatten_ml_fit_problem(as.flat_ml_fit_problem)
    Return a flattened representation of a multi-level fitting problem instance
  • ml_fit(ml_fit_dss, ml_fit_entropy_o, ml_fit_hipf, ml_fit_ipu)
    Estimate weights for a fitting problem
  • MultiLevelIPF-package(MultiLevelIPF)
    Implementation of algorithms that extend IPF to nested structures
  • toy_example
    Access to toy examples bundled in this package


  • Depends: methods
  • Imports: plyr, dplyr, BB, Matrix, grake, hms, kimisc
  • Suggests: testthat, XML